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Innoflux Characteristics

Core Competencies

In-depth understanding of customer needs, using the most effective production process to cost saving

High-mix low-volume Electronics Contract Manufacturing Services (EMS/CM), the most comprehensive supply chain management

Innovative production process capabilities

Accumulated experience to create win-win competitive advantage


Specialized in all types of electronic manufacturing Services (EMS), quick process on all OEM 、ODM volume production orders.


Our efficient supply chain management empowers us to have quick turnaround time and help our customers to respond faster to the dynamic market trends.


Material and safety stock management can be adjusted any time according to customer's product cycle and requirement.

Future and Prospects

Innoflux Ent Group specializes in both electronics product design and manufacturing services. With more than 35 years of substantial experience in OEM, ODM and EMS, our customers can rely on us to always look forward.

We meet all customers’ needs with mindset of "Mission Accomplishment above all else”. We provide service that is quality assured but at the same time accommodating to the varying customer needs. Our reliable service has won us local and international reputation in the industry and our high customer satisfaction further enhances this reputation.

Innoflux provides customers with high-quality one stop services. We continue to improve our competitiveness through cost reduction and increased efficiency in the various processes of PCBA, system assembly, testing, and certification. Our goal is to become our customers’ long-term preferred and trusted partner.

Our core value

We uphold strong ethics and values and we believe that our employees should act as a solid extension of our customers’ brands by helping to make the communities where we live and work a better place.
We are committed to protecting the environment and operating our business in ways that sustainable use of natural resources. We comply with relevant environmental legislation rules and regulations in all countries where we do business in.